The task of the ARMAFILT oil filter is the selection of the dust entered or produced in the engine which has not escaped with the exhaust gas.

The material of the ARMAFILT oil filter insert is special impregnated paper of excellent quality. The other materials used (glues, rubber materials, etc.) resist the oil, the chemical effects of the fuel, the high operational temperature and the effects of the changing oilflow.
The metallic parts are protected from corrosion.

The spin on oil filters can contain inserted valves, which - due to their exact construction - also close in the still status, open exactly and operate with a low pass-through resistance. The exact operation of the valves and the tightness of the filter house are of extraordinary importance.

One of the main part of the production of ARMAFILT filters is the testing of each filter with an inspection pressure exceeding many times the expectable conditions of regular use.

ARMAFILT oil filters correspond to the conditions of the engine manufacturers and assure the optimal operation of the engine.

The steady maximum quality is guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System.