ARMAFILT fuel filters separate every harmless dust from the fuel which could block in the operation of the engine.

Dust can get into the fuel while refuelling and with the air getting into the emptying fuel container. If the dust is not blocked by the fuel filter, it could harm various parts of the injection system, could cause clogging through encrustation which paralyses the operation of the engine. The humidity of the air condenses in the fuel container and the water also harms the regulating system.

The filtering material of the fuel filter flanged in a metal house is mainly filter paper which is fuel- and waterproof, in accordance with the pressure conditions, for the increase of the filtering area the filter material is rolled up.
The nominal porosity of the filter is 0,004-0,005 mm.

There are a double fuel filter application in the heavy duties. Two fuel filters element in line. The first one is the prefilter ( ruder, made of felt or paper and nominal porosity is 0,01-0,015 mm) and the secondary element is finer (nominal porosity 0,008-0,01mm).

Like other ARMAFILT products the fuel filters made in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and assurance long lifetime your engine.