Armafilt air filters perfectly separate the materials causing dangerous attrition to the engine inspired from the air.

A low quality air filter could reduce the lifetime of the engine with 40-50%! Therefore the steadily controlled good quality is of definite importance. The selection of the appropriate filter-material is performed through international standard inspection, based on exact laboratory inspections in the experts opinions of the paper manufacturer companies.

All ARMAFILT products bear the distribution permit 'H' of the Hungarian Traffic Super-intendance, which can be obtained individually through a laboratory comparative inspection with the original filter based on experts opinion of an independent qualifying institute.

The air filters of ARMAFILT Rt. meet he requirements the original equipment quality and also pass the strict test of international standards, providing the most adequate protection of the engines.

The steady quality is guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System of high technical level.